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Big fish need big baits.  Trout follow a caloric law which dictates their behavior when it comes to feeding.  If lunker trout spent energy chasing tiny minnows which would not repay the energy spent in the chase, they would waste away. 

To the lunker hunter, this means size up your baits.  Stock up on all the following lures and practice using them.  Not all these lures are big, but not every trout fishing situation is appropriate for monster gear!  best trout luresStock up on lots of small spinners and spoons for high country and light tackle outings.  Click the images and titles to check prices and buy trout lures on amazon.






Trout move slower in colder water, and the reward of a large meal is more worthwhile to go after when metabolism is slowed.  All species of trout have a preferred temperature range.  Fish within this range to maximize trout lures  A big meal can satiate a lunker for days.  Cast or troll a swimbait for lunker trout.  The caloric law also dictates that if a small lures if pulled past a lunker’s nose, it will have no choice but to strike it also.  There is no thought involved on the part of the trout.  lures for trout fishingA shiny spoon triggers a reflex to act that under a normal circumstance would give the trout a tasty wounded baitfish, but this time you get a delicious trout dinner!  Fish on!

  rainbow trout

Keep a well stocked tackle box with a variety of lures in different sizes and colors.  Having a big selection of lures, and knowing how to use them ensures trout on most every outing.  Different situations call for different presentations.tackle for trout fishing  Having lures big and small, shiny or not, with rattles or not, will increase your success on the water.  The more variety the better.Remember to coat all your lures with scent as well.


Savage Gear Swimbaitstrout tips

The Savage Gear “3D Line Thru Trout” is a top shelf swimbait for lunker trout.  Where hatchery trout are planted, big lunker trout feed on them.  The 8 inch size perfectly mimics the real thing.  It is soft plastic for a realistic feel, but has a reinforced nylon mesh that you rig to, so the hook doesn’t damage the soft plastic.  It comes with a treble hook sized for your 6, 8, or 10 inch swimbait.  Watch a youtube video on how to rig this lure here.


fishing lures for troutLittle Cleo

Classic trout spoon, the Little Cleo should have a tray in your box.  It’s action is somewhere between a Kastmaster and a Buoyant. (Read below)  It casts like a bullet on 4 pound test with a 7 foot UL action Ugly Stik.

Mepps Agliatrout fishing lures

Mepps are some of the best things to ever come out of France.  The color schemes on Aglia spinners are awesome and give you choices for all occasions.  I like the brown trout pattern on cloudy days or when night fishing.  Fish your in-line spinners with a swivel snap to prevent line twist.  



lunker trout luresBerkley Gulp Minnow

The Berkley Gulp Minnow is a soft plastic impregnated with the irresistable gulp trout attractant scent.  Rig these on a jig head or weedless on a long shank worm hook to get at the trout the other anglers miss.  Some guys overlook soft plastics for trout, but gulp soft plastic is super deadly.


Storm Thundersticktrout fishing gear

Trout demolish jerk baits and the Storm Thunderstick is a beauty.   The rainbow trout finish is a trout slayer.  I like the Jr. model for my backpacking box.  The sweet paint job and tight wobble give the trout a look at something they often haven’t seen and find hard to refuse.



trout fishing tipsLuhr Jensen Krocodile Spoon

The Krocodile is a lunker spoon you can get up to several ounces, or for normal use, get one or two of these in 1/4 ounce.  Gold and silver colors are my go to colors here.  This spoon is good casting or trolling.  Tip your treble hook with some stinky chicken liver if you want to really draw the trout in.


Bomber Long AFishing for trout

Another classic lunker lure, the bomber long a comes in really big versions that are perfect for targeting lunker trout.  I get this one in the red head pattern and use it mostly for giant lake trout.  Cover it in Pro-Cure Super Gel and sharpen those trebles and away you troll!  Kayak fishing for lunker trout with big baits like this is really fun.



jig for lunker troutBuzz Bomb

This one is awesome for lake trout.  Rig it with your main line through the jig, then add a rubber baby buggy bumper, then tie your treble.  Then tip that treble with salmon eggs or other bait.  This thing has a crazy actions that spins freely as you jerk it up and let it helicopter back down.  It drives trout crazy, and can be used on really deep water fish if needed.



Tasmanian Deviltrout fishing lure for trolling

The wide wobble of the Tasmanian Devil catches trout of all species.  This Australian secret lure is available here.  Add a few to your trolling arsenal and show the trout something different.  The longer the line you troll with, the deeper these lures dive.  To go really deep, use lead core line or down riggers.



catch more troutBlue Fox Vibrax Minnow

Cast these to temp a lunker where you might ordinarily throw a Vibrax spinner.  The big profile is a tempting snack that certainly would provide a big caloric reward if it were an actual baitfish and didn’t have a treble hook and line attached to it.



Mepps Comet Minnowbest lures for trout

The Comet minnow is like the Vibrax minnow above, but has a soft body.  A soft body is shown in tests to increase hold time of an artificial bait.  I usually go for the Aglia or Black Fury when I go for Mepps, however, the Comet minnow is a deadly lunker trout bait that deserves a few casts from time to time.


top trout luresRat-L-Trap Lures 1/4-Ounce Mini Trap

Most guys don’t use Rat-L-Trap lures for trout.  Most trout don’t know not to bite Rat-L-Traps.  Stock some of these in 1/4 ounce size to try when a regular Rapala minnow isn’t getting the job done.  Or if you just want to experiment, sometimes the rattle drives trout absolutely crazy!




Trout Magnetbest lures for trout fishing

The trout magnet takes a minute to get used to, but its worth it as it is deadly for stream trout.  You rig this tiny darter style jig head with a tiny split tail grub.  Then you hang this under a small bobber.  Set the depth to slightly less than that of the stream so your trout magnet is just off the bottom where the trout are.  Drift this into trout by casting upstream of good looking spots and let your offering drift down into the trouts face.  2 pound test is best for this rig.



trout fishing supplies and gearHeddon Sonar Blade Bait

Here is another one that is not a typical trout bait.  Blade baits cast like a bullet and cut through the wind.  They sink fast and are a good choice for reaching trout far off shore in deeper water while casting from the bank.  





Johnson Silver Minnow Spoonlunker trout lures

The Silver minnow is a weedless spoon that earns its keep in weeds and brush.  With braided line, you can tow a log if need be.  Be careful and you won’t have to.  This spoon, with it’s single hook, begs for a trailer of some sort.  Put a minnow or nightcrawler on it and it wobbles just fine, and the attraction is increased.


buy trout luresSmithwick Rattlin’ Rogue

Some days they won’t touch the Rogue, with its loud rattle.  Other days it is all they want.  It is worth keeping a Rattlin Rogue or 2 on hand for the days they want rattle.  It comes in floaters and sinkers, but the suspending version, that stops and sits right in their faces really drives trout bonkers.




Rebel minnowwhere to buy trout lures

Buy ten of these.  The Rebel minnow is super classic and super affordable.  The least expensive in the minnow lure category, and catches trout all day long.  Little ones work well and I have some big ones for lunkers too.  There are deep divers and jointed models as well.  The ridges on the sides help hold super gel.  I stock up on these in silver and gold for trout.


trout lures and gearStrike King KVD Jerkbait

Extremely realistic paint job on these lures.  For highly pressured fish, the KVD gets the job done.  When trout get to see a lot of lures, they are much more willing to bite a life like pattern.  Also, these are high quality lures that will last a long time and catch you a lot of lunkers.  Always fish these and other jerk baits for trout with a dou-lock snap for the best action.




Topwater frogtrout fishing lures and tips

Think topwater frogs are only for largemouth bass?  Think again.  Where there are trout and there are frogs, trout eat frogs.  Pull a frog into the path of a hungry brown trout at dusk and hold on.  Size up your tackle if you choose to target brown trout with this advanced lunker trout technique, as browns are not only big but they fight hard.  Good luck.


best lures to use for troutYo-Zuri Crystal Minnow

Awesome finish and an awesome wobble are reasons to have Yo-zuri in the box.  On sunny, clear days, get more bites by trying some of the crazy crystal minnow patterns, instead of just your standard silver and gold colors.


Apex Trolling Spoontrout fishing gear

This spoon is a good bet trolling trout or kokanee salmon.  Tip the single hook with the bait of your choice ( I like minnows) and cruise around watching the cha-cha of the rod tip until WHAM!!!  FISH ON!!!





lures for troutJohnson Beetle Spin

Small wonder, the Johnson Beetle Spin is a useful tool in you trout tackle box.  This is like a spinnerbait for trout.  The split tail grub can be covered in scent.   Rip a beetle spin through a school of minnows and watch the minnows scatter and a big lunker trout key in on that blade and bites your beetle!


Luck-E-Strike Rick Clunn STX Suspending Jerkbaittrout fishing tips and tricks

Lunker trout stick bait alert!  pick up this bait for trolling for big trout.  Stop and go trolling, or just ripping the rod tip triggers bites with suspending baits.  This is likely because the action simulates well what spooked fish really do in the wild.  Match the hatch, catch the lunker trout.




lures for troutCrappie Kits


Crappie strike many of the same lures as trout, in many of the same crazy colors.  Crappie fishing kits are a great way to stock up on trout jigs and ultra light offerings.  Crappie fishermen often use a dozen lures at a time, so they make good kits for them.  Buy these kits for trout and you won’t be sorry.  





Berkley Gulp Trout Wormstrout worms



No, that’s not a real worm.  It is a Berkley “Gulp” brand floating trout worm. They also make a Powerbait trout worm that floats.  rig it like bait, but it is a plastic worm.  You can rig this to just sit on the bottom, or drag it slowly across the bottom on a sliding sinker rig like a Carolina rig.



Trolling for troutSquid

Sometimes called a hoochie, these are used for trout trolling.  The pulsating skirt drives fish nuts.  This is similar to the way the fluttering skirt of the female of the human species drives some anglers nuts.  just go with it and catch trout!


Wordens Rooster Tailrooster tail for trout

Awesome trout spinner has been catching trout for decades.  The fly like treble gives the trout a target to hone in on in murky water.  A word of caution: do not get super gel on hair, it kills the action.  I fish my Rooster tails scent free.





Best trout luresJoe’s Flies

Hybrid fly/spinner.  Use this lure with your ultra light spinning gear.  Very light and hard to cast on all but 2 pound test line.  Worth the trouble though, as it draws strikes from wary trout.  You can cast this lure upstream and let it drift down to the trout before retrieving.  


Saltwater plugs for huge lunker trout!best trout lures

 The Rapala countdown magnum series are designed for saltwater use.  They have huge hooks and could catch for well over 100 pounds.  The red head CD Mag 9 inch has taken lake trout over 10 pounds in my kayak.  



Brown trout buy trout lures

Debate about fishing lures has probably gone on as long as human history itself.

Cavemen were the first fishermen.  They likely gathered around the campfire, grunting about whose hand carved bone hooks caught more fish.  Our great grandfathers definitely swilled cans of beer after work while debating tackle and fishing trends of the time, planning the next trip.  Click here to read more about the history of trout.  Today we post, like,and share trout on social media. Stock your box with these 5 lures and you’ll have lunker stories galore!  Remember, try to match the hatch wherever you fish.  And Lunker trout love big lures.

Look here for more trout fishing information

lunker trout buy trout luresI stopped counting the number of  trout I’ve caught long ago.


It must be a five digit number by now.  I hike and backpack for most of my trout these days.  Over the years the tackle I carry has been narrowed down to the lures that have really earned their place in my box.  Sometimes I look in my box and see only lures I don’t use.  That’s because I fish hard and lose the lures that work well.  Re-stocking trout tackle is a small price to pay for those lunker trout pictures and wall hangers.  The titles and images below link to the items on if you want to pick up a few of these to stock your tackle box. 

selection of trout lures


I like to order gear after a fishing trip, when the shopping list of lures I need is fresh in my mind.  During winter storms is also a good time to clean out and restock the old tackle box.  I clean the Pro-Cure off my lures with a soft rag and some WD40.

how to catch lunker rainbow trout

Kahow to catch trout buy trout luresstmaster

This simple chunk of metal has taken more fish than its looks would suggest.  A member of the spoon family, Kastmasters are many fisherman’s go to trout lure.  The Kastmaster  has a lot going for it when it comes to catching trout, or any game fish for that matter.  Heavy for its size, the Kastmaster will cast a mile, even in a strong wind.  It sinks quickly to get down to where the fish are.  The wobble action is hard to beat, and can be fished fast or slow, steady or stop-and-go.  I use the shiny colors in bright, clear water conditions.  The pinks, greens and brighter colors work well on overcast days or in muddy, stained water.  Pinch your barbs for catch and release fishing.  I prefer the non-bucktail version because I really like to use scent on my lures (and hooks), And the goopy scent makes the hair lose its action.  A good assortment of Kastmasters in sizes from 1/12 to 3/16 will ensure you have the trout limits you need to fill your smoker.



where to buy trout luresPanther Martin

The Panther Martin is an in-line spinner.  It is kind of funny looking with a blade that goes through the main wire instead of rotating on a clevis, but this difference from other in-line spinners can be deadly.  These sink slowly and cast well, making Panther Martins good for chucking into lakes, but try dead drifting one in a trouty looking riffle.  Carry 4 to 6 of these in your back country tackle selection and you’ll always be into dinner.



Thomas Bubest trout lure everoyant

If the Buoyant isn’t in you box then you’re missing out on lunkers. This lure is difficult to fish in high wind conditions.  The same property that makes it sink slow also makes it catch wind like a sail.  On a glass flat lake with no wind it is easy to cast, but seems to get less bites.  Break out the Thomas Buoyant when there’s a light breeze and a little ripple on the surface.  This is the condition that the lunkers can’t resist the Buoyant.  A stop-and-go retrieve, with sharp jerks will often trigger a strike on the fall, so keep your line tight while working it.  And fish this one all the way to your feet, as I’ve noticed trout, especially big browns, will follow the Buoyant.

Hair JigTrout fishing

Several colors and sizes of hair jigs should probably be in your box as well.  1/4 ounce is a perfect size almost everywhere.  Maybe throw in a few 1/8 or 5/16 too.  Super easy to tie yourself, and cheap.  This means you’ll be a little more brave with your 22 cent jig that took you 3 minutes to tie.  You will huck this offering right into some thick nasty pile of garbage that definitely holds a lunker trout, thus increasing your chances of ultimate fishing glory.  You could cast that 9 dollar Rapala in the same spot, but I bet you will not.  Bounce a hair jig on the lake bed, kicking up silt like a dinner bell.  Toss hair jigs in current and swim them like a spooked bait fish.



Rapalasbest trout lure

Small Rapalas for trout are super deadly. When I think trout lures, I think Rapala minnows, because I’ve caught so many fish on these. This lure maybe should have been #1.  Rapala is a great quality brand, kind of the standard.  There are lots of other good jerk baits as well.  The 3 main types are floating, sinking, and suspending.  The colors I carry are a lot of black/silver, black/gold, rainbow, brown, and brookie patterns.  My secret color you have to look around for is purpledescent (pictured above).  The floaters can be floated in the current over an obstruction, or reeled up to a ledge and then floated over.  The sinker versions, called countdowns, sink one foot per second.  this can be used to fish deep water and count depth.  Suspending minnow plugs remain at a fixed depth while at rest.  The Rapala Husky Jerk suspends, and rattles, which sometimes is just the right combo to get the bite.  Trolled in a kayak, these plugs really shine. Remember, pictures link to Amazon where you can stock your tackle box.



Dawhere to buy trout lures for lunker troutredevil Spoon

Made by the Eppinger company, this spoon has been around forever.  There was probably a daredevil spoon in your grandfathers tackle box.  The Daredevil has a fluttering action that trout find irresistible.  The red and white color is the standard.  I also like chrome and gold.  A fire tiger for muddy water never hurts too.  I stock the 1/8 and 1/4 ounce sizes for trout.  Like all spoons, always use a snap.



Trout fishing baits and luresRebel Teeny Wee Craw

This lures is a proven trout catcher.  Rebel makes the wee crawfish in shallow, medium and deep models.  I prefer the deep wee craw in most situations.  The shallow tiny wee craw only dives about a foot, and usually I want to get down a little deeper than that.  The crankbait like action lets you bounce this lure off rocks without getting snagged.  Junebug color or any red patterns are my go to colors for baits with lips.  Work the rebel wee craw quickly, to trigger explosive reaction strikes from lunker trout.



F3 FlatfishTrout tips for catching lunker trout

The wordens flatfish is a deadly trout lure.  Most guys use bigger versions for trolling for trout, but I like the little sizes for casting from shore as well.  This lure dives deep and you can work it very slowly while it stays deep.  The flatfish is a floating lure however.  This type of lure is known as a banana plug, due to it’s curved shape.  Especially when the bite is slow, and the trout are demanding a slower presentation, an F3 flatfish can save the day.  Fish this lure to find deep trout mid day when the sun is high and the trout are deeper in the summer time.  Use the frog, rainbow trout, and chrome patterns.  Larger flatfish and kwikfish are perfect for trolling from a kayak.



tube jig for trout fishingTube Jigs

Fish these jigs on 2 pound test.  Cast your tube jig out and let it sink to the bottom.  Then work it slowly, with occasional twitches of the rod tip, letting the jig fall to the bottom and come to rest after each jerk.  Berkley makes powerbait tubes that come pre-rigged.  These are my favorite, but I have used tube jigs sold in kits as crappie jigs also.  Use the 1/32 or 1/16 size for trout in most situations.  Lunker trout love these in the pearl white color pattern.



Mepps Black FuryMepps trout fishing gear

Mepps is a french acronym for Manufacturier D’Engins De Precision Pour Peches Sportives
In english it means Precision Equipment for Sport Fishing.  Mepps have been catching trout since the 1950’s.  This was one of the first lures I put in my tackle box as a boy, and it caught a ton of bass in Maryland farm ponds.  Now I stock up on aglia’s and black fury’s for mountain trout.  Stick to the smaller sizes, 0,1, and 2’s.  As a rule, I tie on an aglia on sunny days, and I go for the black fury in stained water or on cloudy days.  Let them sink slowly and retrieve just fast enough to turn the blade.  Hang on, because trout hit this one hard!



lures to catch big troutDick Nite Spoons

This thin blade spoon has been around for years and trout love it.  It casts well on light tackle.  Trout cant resist the tight wobble.  Keep your line tight as it falls, as trout love to strike this lure right after it hits the water and starts sinking.  I usually let it sink to the bottom and then do a slow erratic retrieve.  It drives the fish nuts.  Gold/silver pattern is my go-to lucky color for this lure.  The Dick Nite comes with a single hook.  Unless you are fishing in single barbless hook territory, I’d switch out the single hook it comes with for a similar sized treble hook.



Rebel Crikhopperbest lure for trout

This must have lure will earn its slot in your tackle box in late summer.  When the grass is tall and dry on the river bank, hungry trout wait to eat the unlucky grasshoppers that fall in the river.  Fish upstream whenever possible.  Keep the line tight as you twitch the crikhopper back down to you.  It has a diving bill, but only dives about a foot or so.  Just jerk it as it floats along and the trout will come biting.  I’ve also used both the crikhopper and the wee craw in lakes, when you need a shallow diving lure to pull over top of weed beds.



trout fishing with luresKalin Triple Threat Grubs, 2″

Grubs are super deadly for trout, and the Kalin Triple Threat grub is one of my all time favorites.  I’ve used these since i was a boy to catch multiple species.  The 2″ model for trout is ideal.  My #1 color here is Electric Chicken.  I don’t know why but trout seem to go bonkers for the pink/green color scheme.  One day I caught trout until my arm was tired on this grub rigged naked (no weight) with an exposed bait hook.  It sinks very slow, and you’ll get bit on the fall often.  You can also turn the hook and rig it weedless for grassy situations.



Blakemore Roadrunnertop trout lures for catching lunker trout

This lure is like a tiny grub with a spinner blade.  It is the best of both worlds.  The roadrunner casts well in a breeze, and sinks quickly.  Rip it fast for explosive strikes around weedbeds and cover.  I usually fish these in lakes with my 5 foot UL Ugly Stik for precision casting around fishy looking structure.  The marabou hair version works well, but you have to dry it like a fly when you’re done fishing.  Also, trout scented oils and gels ruin the action of the hair.  I’m a big fan of fish attractant for trout fishing, so I prefer the curly tail versions.



best spinner for troutBlue Fox Vibrax Spinners

Come on, just look at this thing.  It’s like a dinner bell for trout.  The Blue Fox Vibrax in-line spinner has a loose outer body that sends out vibrations fish feel through their lateral lines.  I use the silver color on sunny days for great results.  Where this lure really shines is using the bright colors like pink, purples, blues, and greens in dark or stained water or on overcast days.  Cover it in Pro-Cure Super Gel and trout can always see the colors, smell the tasty scent, and feel the sonic vibrations of this lure.  Keep a few in your tackle box in sizes 0, 1, and 2.



There are loads of different types of trout lures.trout tackle buy trout gear

Best to keep it simple.  A tackle box stocked with these lures, in a variety of colors and sizes, will catch fish anywhere in the world.  Trout fishing gear gets complicated, but it doesn’t have to.  A couple more pro trout tips here below:



Pro tip #1)fishing for trout

Sharpen your hooks!  No really, every time.  Hooks hit rocks and stuff and even good quality hooks can benefit from a tune upUp your catch ratio by sharpening every time.  Make it a habit and catch more trout.


Pro tip #2)trout fishing

Use scent.  Again, do this often, like every few casts.  Pro Cure Super Gel stays on well so you can use it a little less.  It is important to mask human scent and a good taste increases hold time giving you another second to set that hook.  Pro-cure Super Gel is an inexpensive way to hook lots more trout.


Pro tip#3)catch and release trout fishing

Barbless hooks for catch and release.  Its a classy move.  It does take some work to buy new hooks change them up on all your lures.  Having a good pair of split ring pliers makes the job much easier.  Or you can pinch down your barbs or file them off.  If you pinch them, be warned, there is a game warden in the California Sierra Nevada district that patrols a barbless trophy trout river and tests pinched barbs by sticking the hook into his shirt sleeve.  If the hook grabs a thread on the way out, its a barbed hook and he writes you a ticket!  Crazy wardens aside, barbless for catch and release is the best way to go.  Anyone who’s ever hooked a small trout and pinned it’s upper and lower jaws together with the treble hook can attest.


Ptrout fishingro Tip #4)

Use Duo-lock snaps to connect lure to line.  They are neat and clean.  They make changing lures fast.  Most all lures wobble and this action is always improved by the freedom of movement a snap provides.  The small ones are good for trout, 30 or 40 pound test. I use snaps with all lures with one exception. With in-line spinners I like to use a swivel snap so the gyroscopic action of the spinning blade doesn’t twist my line.




Good luck out there.  Have fun, and catch (and release) lots of trout!



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